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Donegal Rellies
July 14, 2017 - 1:54:48 a.m.

I have started recording some of the people in Donegal who are reported to be relatives.  Ignore them until further notice as the information is not correct and will take some organisation before it has any validity.

July 6, 2015 - 8:01:44 p.m.

This pedigree is the ongoing story of my ancestors. The family story as currently known for limited sectors of immediate and collateral family members includes subplots of poverty, hardship, material comfort, tragedy, bravery, duty to country, community and family, generosity, war, loss, adventure, success, failure, education, politics, inspiration and determination, hard work, women bearing large families, the daily responsibility of tending jobs, land and children, the sorrow of burying children and spouses and a few odd relationship twists and turns.  And that’s only what I know.  A small collection of tombstones, death notices and obituaries demonstrate love for the dead and value and worth of dead members to families and communities.  UK census returns show that the extended family looked after its own when circumstances made it impossible to live in the previous family unit and widows and especially widowers remarried providing a new parent for children.  There’s been odd hints that not all family relationships were “warm and fuzzy”, perhaps reflecting the life and times of the people involved.   Apart from a few court cases involving complicated or disputed wills, one about unfair dismissal and at least one bankruptcy I have encountered little evidence of them in the legal arena besides from what appeared to be a tit for tat theft of peat in Ireland and a fine in Australia for failure to immunise a child.  One collateral family was descended from a convict who created a successful life in Australia.    No doubt there were some rogues and undesirables but I have yet to encounter them. The lives of most of the women are unrepresented apart from usual parish and civil BDM records. Some of the information about, and occasionally by those in the pedigree, throws faxcinating glimpses into bygone times. 

Some documents in the media section represent untold hours of trawling through documents and newpapers to create documents attempting to clarify specific sections of individual's lives.  Please respect copyright.


 The pedigree is constructed from online databases, newspapers, burial, cemetery and other gleanings from the net not to mention official records, information and records provided by generous family and clues provided in online pedigree trees.  A considerable amount of research has been done using free internet resources. 


While I have attempted to research the tree methodically and critically by consulting and analysing multiple sources a limited proportion of decisions are backed by original documents and, results from a genealogical perspective, are therefore suspect.  When starting out I applied insufficient critical thought to judgements, believed a series of online trees and happily researched an incorrect branch back several generations before “tripping over” a conflicting document which fitted other known family narrative and further research proved it critical.   While I have tried very hard to get it right other inaccuracies may lurk in the tree so, unless you are close family whom I represent, beware and do not rely on my tree without performing your own research.  All information I have been given or found in online trees has been checked by me.  Some of my conclusions do not conform to those found in online trees. I also find my odd typo, especially of dates.


Sources have not yet been documented apart from some newspaper clippings, but can often be inferred thus providing a referral point.  If you need to identify the origin of a fact please ask.  If you find information or anyone you believe doesn’t belong on the tree please tell me.  If you have information you are willing to share I would love to hear from you. The tree contains many significant dead ends.


Many early records in the tree consist of little more than baptismal records with occasional marriage and burial records.  Thus it is open to potential error.  A period of 200 years from around mid-1800 provided a richer history for some due to the lives of those involved and the records kept about them and consequently a greater ability to cross check information.  


Newspapers have been a wonderful source for providing colour to people’s lives, completing birth, death and marriage dates and for determining relationships.  This was especially so when confronted with multiple generations of farmers in a small English community born and dying around the same time, retaining the same names within and throughout generations and often marrying women with the same Christian name.  Marriage notices identified the father and family position of offspring thus providing a choice between bamboozlement and progress.  Family in Australia are very well represented within the pages of newspapers digitised by the Australian National Library‘s free Trove archive http://trove.nla.gov.au/ and I recommend it to you.  I have uploaded some articles from it, and have many more to add but I can never evaluate all of the options for all relevant people in the tree.


The pedigree consists of a tree and each person has their own screen showing facts and events and their immediate family relationships which are clickable too.  Be sure to click on the media tab in the ribbon across the top which may hold photos and newspaper reports etc. providing some insight into the life and time of that person.  Unfortunately I cannot get it to retain the records in chronological order. These files are jpegs and pdfs and thus scalable in size. 


Different tabs present personal and family information.  Icons above, but seen below contain options for

searches and reports etc.   

Most sections of the tree are clickable in some way thus revealing additional information so just play with it and see what you find. The media section being far from complete is worth checking periodically for updates.     One day I would like to add more historical context to the tree. The tree is updated constantly and I have reserves of incompletely researched information and media to add let alone the constant unfolding of new characters and stories as I chase after shiny new clues.  It’s not always systematic thus introducing potential for error but that’s the way it is and it is fun not a chore.


My thanks to everyone who has knowingly and unknowing assisted like volunteer transcribers and digitisers of documents and people placing family trees online and especially the friend who really got me started with some startling online information and a very distant relative who unplugged a major blockage with her spontaneous and comprehensive research into a sector of the tree of little real connection to her.  Over time members from serval branches of the tree have been generous with provision of photos, documents and information.  Several close family members have made significant contributions of various kinds and while each has been very different the tree would not exist as it does without their assistance.   



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